4 Must-Know Steps For Logo Design

If you decide to order a logo from an online provider it is paramount that you do some research before making the final decision. Think twice but design it once! Choosing the right company can be time consuming and finding one may take your search well beyond the first two pages of your search engine. Here are some tips on how to get through the clutter and what are the areas you should focus your attention on.

Price is one of the strongest motivators, especially for start-up companies. Many firms with limited budgets either ignore the importance of logo design, or outsource it to low cost providers, such as amateurs or cheap-and-cheerful online logo houses. The result is usually less than unique, often being based on old rehashed designs or out-of-date logo templates. Since the corporate identity has the power to establish you either as a professional organization or an amateur one, it is critical that it be created from an original concept.

TIP: Don’t get fooled by logo houses offering logos for ridiculous prices. Too often we hear horror stories from disappointed clients complaining about the lack of professionalism and design skills when dealing with unqualified suppliers. Good logo may cost a few dollars more, but will pay back many times over in the long run. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Logo Samples
For visually sensitive clients logo samples are the quickest way to tell the difference between the good and the bad. Unfortunately world-wide-web provides way too many opportunities to enhance logo portfolios with over-promising samples and attractive clip-art templates that for an untrained eye may appear as honest logos.

TIP: Try to see how well the logo samples visually reflect the name of the company or the type of businesses they represent. There are a few other important requirements of a good logo. A good logo has to be immediately recognizable and identifiable. It also has to be legible in various sizes, from very small to very large and it should work well in different applications like print, web, packaging, etc.

Another great indicator of what you can expect from a logo provider is the delivery time. If someone promises a logo within 24 hours, try to stay away from it. Research and development of strategically sound logo can take as long as a week or even longer.

TIP: Look for these steps in a logo design process when choosing an online logo house:

Step 1. Research and brainstorming
The research should include gathering of information about the competitive landscape, case studies and visual audit of existing logos within the industry. This will help to focus designer’s attention at the key areas, ensuring the final result is both aesthetically pleasing and strategically effective.

Step 2. Sketching
A ‘hand-crafted’ design process of sketching the logo concepts on paper before transferring to the computer is an integral part of the creative process. This helps to guarantee the originality of the logo design and ensure that it is powerful, recognizable and unique.

Step 3. Computer rendering of the selected design
This stage involves transferring of the favorite logo ideas from paper into computer. Computer generated renderings will have more finished look and will help you to choose your favorite design.

Step 4. Refinement of the selected design
After you select you favorite logo concept, all logo elements, including color, typography and iconography should be adjusted and perfected for final approval. After the design is finalized, the logo should be delivered to you saved in all standard formats including fully scalable & editable AI, EPS, TIFF and JPEG files for Internet and print.

Before you decide to work with anyone, you should try to find out what other clients thought about their work and the process.

TIP: Whatever the testimonials say, you’ll have to take it with a grain of salt. You’re best off trying to see if any of the testimonials have logos attached and see if you can find any of them on existing websites.

Famous Logo Designers and Their Creations

We witness countless famous brands and their captivating logos but do we ever wonder whose brainchild is it that created these magnificent designs? Short and simple, I say:

Behind every successful brand there is a logo designer”.

I will elaborate on 10 of the most famous and prominent designers behind the finest corporate brands. Some of them are not among us today but their masterpieces are eternal, compelling us to salute these masterminds.

1. Saul Bass SAUL BASS (1920-1996) was a renowned graphic designer of the 20th century. He was well known for designing film titles. His corporate logo designing included very successful brand identities like Bell Telephone System Communications, United Airlines, AT&T, Minolta, and Warner.

2. Paul Rand Paul Rand (1914-1996) was an eminent graphic designer of American origin. He was best recognized for his famous corporate logo designs. Some of his corporate identities include the logo designs for ABC, IBM and UPS

3. Alan Fletcher Alan Gerard Fletcher (1931- 2006) was a British designer. The Daily Telegraph described him as “the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific”. Some of his corporate work that is known to many is the logo for Reuters in 1965, comprising of 84 dots. His “V&A” logo for Victoria and Albert Museum, designed in 1989 his “IoD” logo for the Institute of Directors are still in use today.

4. Sagi Haviv Sagi Haviv, who is a partner at Chermayeff & Geismar, is a 34 year old designer. Among his various corporate identity projects are for the National Parks of New York Harbor, Radio Free Europe, Library of Congress, and the famous fashion brand Armani Exchange.

5. Walter Landor Walter Landor (1913-1995) was a German graphic designer belonging to Munich. Landor was most popular for his creative Fedex logo design. The meticulous use of negative space ‘arrow’ was a brilliant masterpiece of Landor. His FedEx logo design is considered as one of the best logo designs in the world

6. Herb Lubalin Herbert F. Lubalin (1918 -1981) was a famous graphic designer of USA. Herb’s most prominent logo designs are the Marriage logo created in 1965 and the Families logo designed in 1980

7. Chermayeff & Geismar: Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar were two students at Yale in the mid 1950s. Chermayeff & Geismar Inc are the creators of numerous famous trademarks and corporate identities. Some of the most prestigious of their works is for large corporations such as Mobil, Time Warner, Viacom, and Xerox.

8. Wally Olins Wikipedia claims Wally Olins to be recognized as the world’s most experienced practitioner of corporate identity and branding. Wally was nominated for the Prince Philip Designers Prize in 1999 and received the Royal Society of Arts’ Bicentenary Medal for his tireless efforts in the design industry.

9. Gerard Huerta Gerard Huerta is a designer with one of the most versatile design portfolio. Not many graphic designers get the opportunity to apply their design skills in such vast areas as Gerard Huerta has done. His famous corporate logos include Swiss Army Brands, Calvin Klein’s Eternity, MSG Network, CBS Records Masterworks logo, The Atlantic Monthly and PC Magazine.

10. Raymond Loewy Raymond Loewy (1893 – 1986) is recognized as one of the best industrial designers of the 20th century. The 1971 Shell logo, which is still used today, was designed by Loewy. He also created old identities for British Petroleum (Shield logo) and Exxon.

Logo Design – The Quick and Ugly Vs Slow and Right

As a smart small business owner there might come times when you would feel an urge to rebrand your business image. Whatever your reasons may be but shifting your brand image is a tough decision and costs extra money to be spent on things like a logo design, a web redesign and publishing new materials, depending on your marketing scale and budget it could cost you a significant amount of money.

You have your reasons, but none of your reasons could ever be an excuse to rush into designing something as important as your logo design. Some businesses suddenly realize that they urgently need a logo. They call in a logo design company and ask them to build them one as quickly as possible. They put pressure on the company and do not pay any serious consideration to how this rush could affect their business. A business might be in a hurry sometimes that’s ok but to rush into something like a logo design is the recipe for disaster.

How much time is enough for a Good Logo Design?
It depends on the skills of the artists you are working with, the information you provide them, the communication between you and the logo design company. If you have previously used some logos, or any art work for your business it is better to share all that work with your design artist so that they could build upon your existing image instead of creating a new one altogether. This strategy alone could save you a lot of time.

What is a right logo design?
The right logo is the one that represents your business perfectly and more articulately with elegance and style. This logo symbolized your business mission, your company and values and it helps you gain customer loyalty. Your logo should fit well into your workplace, your print or digital advertisements, your office stationary and your web design. It should also be scalable, reusable and make sure that you have full rights and control over the usage of this graphic.

What is a Wrong Logo Design?
A wrong logo is the opposite of the right logo design. A wrong design does not represent your business and does not deliver your message to the viewer. It distorts your image and pushes your customers away. A wrong logo might give the feeling of déjà vu to your customers as they would feel that they had seen such logos before. Viewers of your logo might find it uninteresting, provocative, or even offensive and may react negatively to it.

How do I know what kind of Logo I am getting?
While looking at your logo ask yourself, what does this logo represent? You need to carefully examine the color; typeface, style and other elements make sure that they meet the image you want to create in your customers’ minds. You may also want to show the logo to some of your loyal customers or random people and see how well they understand the message of the logo.

The Cheater’s Guide to Logo Design Cost-Benefit Analysis

What is an affordable logo design? For most of us affordable is deemed to mean cheap. So many retailers use the term to describe their prices instead of the adjective ‘cheap’. The same way, “logo design cost” is mainly considered on the basis of the cheapest prices rather than affordability in prices. Reason?

One business entrepreneur commented on them ‘they’re all the same” until my logo designer took over and redid his current logo free of charge to prove to him what a brand mark should actually be like. A logo’s cost should not be taken into account when comparing two logo designing channels- one is basing their choice simply on the cheapest logo designer in the market when comparing between two design channels.

This can backfire in all directions as the logo being a work of art that should successfully take objectivity and subjectivity- both into account. Instead of a logo design cost analysis, a logo that will fetch you more for less should be looked into i.e. an affordable logo design!

A good logo can not only fetch great results, often times the designers are keen on to giving advice and tips on how to use it best and are enthusiastic to present a tag line to use with it… Often times, the designer produces more than one logo concept considering your business’ factors from various angles and letting you decide which logo concept your business is the most comfortable with.

Features of an Affordable Logo Design:

  • Quality that shines

Reflection of business’ values in terms of work ethic and level of quality to be expected in products

  • Freebies that benefit

Such as an E-book on branding business on a tiny budget, more than one logo concept, more than one tagline/slogan/USP, unlimited revisions, free fax cover sheet design.

Of course the business owner did not understand its importance until he replaced it with his current logo. Things immediately changed and people looked at his business differently- suppliers began to have a professional approach towards him and made their deliveries on time; customers respected his reasonable prices and relied more on the quality promised; his two employees worked harder after the positive feedback gained from everybody around.

It is realistic to look for cheap prices on anything you invest on for your business. But the point here is that a logo design cost should not be taken into consideration as much as the benefits received for the cost paid up should be taken into account. That is when a logo- your business’ brand mark becomes cost effective and truly an investment with high returns- It becomes an affordable logo.

Bobby Sherman works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on Affordable Logo Design find our competitive rates at Logo Design Consultant.

Logo Design – What Businesses Should Look For

Graphic design industry today relies a lot on the marketing and advertising needs of the small businesses. In fact small businesses contribute more to the industry than large corporations. However, there are hundreds and thousands of design companies competing to get these businesses. On the one hand it benefits the small businesses as a consumer, on the other hand it creates quality issues and poorly designed graphics or logos.

Small businesses need to be smart about making decisions. With limited resources there is very little that they can afford and if this amount is not used wisely it may affect the overall business performance adversely.

One problem that small businesses face is to find a quality logo service and get them to design a uniquely wonderful logo design. Due to the huge competition among logo companies, the services they offer range from free to platinum packages. Each of them claims to be the best and each of them promises to deliver what others can’t do.

What small business owner should need to realize that the internet has empowered them to make smart choices. Comparing the services is not that big a deal, but finding out the quality service is still a time consuming task. There are a certain things that when taken care of can assure that you get a better quality logo design.

Start with the prices, the cheap logo design does not necessarily mean a bad logo. Sometimes cheap logo design companies can really do a high quality job. Also keep in mind that highly priced service does not guarantee high quality service. An overly priced logo design could be a cheap rip-off of some famous logo designs already circulating in the market.

After the prices compare the quality, well to easy this procedure most logo design companies showcase their work in portfolios or galleries hosted on their websites. You need to browse them thoroughly don’t just visit the main page of the gallery, dig deeper. You will see these logos now you don’t need to be an art critic to realize that they have talent for presenting brilliant ideas in small images. If all their logos look stereotypical then they are probably not very good at their job.

Customer testimonials are another good way to find out more about the quality of a logo design service. Some logo companies provide information about their previous clients on their website by linking to the client’s websites. You can then email those clients and ask more about the quality of service and level of satisfaction they got by hiring that logo company.

Support is an important issue, a good online service provider whether it be a logo company, a web design or a graphic design company; they are trustworthy if they have a good customer support system. This system should have email and chat support, 24 hours helpline, and online support forums or knowledgebase or FAQs.

The key to a high quality logo design is the collaboration between you and the designer once you have hired them to do the job. If you can’t collaborate and communicate with the designer there is little or no hope that you will get a better design.

Successful Business Relies on Professional Logo Design

Has there been a thriving business without a professionally done logo design? Think about this: The business company that wins over trust and becomes an image of credibility is close to the heart of the consumers. In other words, a business logo draws and builds trust and becomes an identity for brand recognition. An image or a simple logo that is popularly associated to one’s business company is an impetus for success.

Consumers want a business with professional logo design. This design shows that the business is serious and is set apart from basement operators and fly-by workers. What actually instills in the minds of the regular clients of one’s business is the logo design. The educational institutions, small Net cafés, restaurants, and other business establishments out there have their logos that partially reveal about their business philosophy and identity, in general. Imagine how a toddler reacts whenever he sees the logo images of the toy store, of the food chain he loves, of the ice cream that attracts his palate, and of many other business establishments known to him in his young age. Inferentially, the logo designs are linked to the business company and to its service or products.

Is there something worse than without a logo design?

The impact of business logo design is inculcated in the minds of the consumers. Imagine a lousy design of logo that flaunts your business name. Consumers are wise buyers and are having the decisive eyes for art. Poorly designed business logo is a turn off and is a better for nothing stuff.

What does a Person Need to Understand about Logo Designs?

Assessing the type of business one has and the impact that one wants to create to his consumers matters a lot. Once the business entrepreneur starts showing the business logo design on the Web or in anywhere, the branding process begins as well. Somewhere down the line, the poorly made logo has to be changed. Consequently, if this would be the last better alternative, the efforts of building up a name in the industry would likely just go down the drain. Before things turn out what you least expected, get things right from the start. Trust professional hands that make a living out of designing business logo.

Professional business logo designs do not only grab the consumers by their eyeballs but also those bewitch them to try and trust the credibility of the company.

What Quality a Business Logo Design does Possess?

Watch for the business logos of McDonalds, Nike, and Apple! Simplicity tops most of the existing logo designs. Moreover, a logo design should be unique, bold, and audience preferences-centered. Know what groups of consumers you target and what impact you would like to create and rely on the professionally known hands who will direct your business towards roads of success. Commercialize the products and the company name through a professional logo design. Success is just within one’s grasp. Simply pick the best artist for the logo design and things would just turn out what you always dreamed of.

Logo Design for Non-Designers

The main purpose of this article is to help non-designers understand the logo design process, general terms, requirements and things to remember when ordering a logo.

When you decided that your company needs a logo you need to think if you need a completely new logo or redesign the old one (of course, if you have it) before searching for a designer. Redesign of the existing logo is often cheaper than design of a new logo.

There are a huge number of companies which offer logo design services. All of them have different prices, number of concepts and revisions offered. Some of them can design business stationery for you. Let’s talk about every point in detail:

Price is important factor; it is very unusual to receive high quality at low price. But Internet is the place where designers work from all over the world and logos are going down in price. You can buy logo of satisfactory quality for $100 (yes, one hundred dollars). One of the very important factors affecting the price is whether design company uses clip-art (premade pictures or graphic elements) or creates unique logos. Be sure to find out this. Custom logos are much better because you will have exclusive logo nobody has.

Number of concepts is a number of ideas for logos which you will be offered after answering the logo design questionnaire. It is good to have more than one idea for logo because you will be able to choose. Usually, you will receive a couple of ideas in different styles. When you choose a concept for your logo you will be able to change it using revisions.

Number of revisions is a number of possible changes which you can request for a chosen logo design concept free of charge. You can change everything including color, font, graphic element, arrangement of the elements. The more revisions you have the more chances you receive a logo of your dream.

Turnaround time is an amount of time needed for work on your logo. Usually design process takes from 3 to 10 days. There are companies, which can do urgent orders but the cost of logo will be higher.

Number of designers – recently design companies started to indicate number of designers working on your project. Big number of designers should guarantee diversity of the concepts, but this factor is difficult to control and it is difficult to find out how many designers really worked on your project.

Stationery design – it is good if your logo design company will design business cards, letterhead and envelope for you. Usually, you will receive a couple of concepts of business stationery to choose from.
Things to remember during the communications with logo design company:

1. Number of colors of your logo. The more colors you have the more expensive will be cost of printing services.

2. Files optimized for print. Be sure to request files optimized for home and professional printing (tif, pdf, jpg, eps).

3. Source files of your logo (ai, cdr). Be sure to request source files of your logo; you may need them in future.

4. Use of photos in logo. It is very bad idea to use photos in your logo. Such logos are overloaded with graphic elements and have non-professional look.

5. Logotype with abbreviation or without company name. It is very difficult to advertise and promote your company with such logo. Logos with acronyms are good for very big companies which have a lot of money for marketing.

Logo is very important for each company and serves the crucial role of successful marketing. It is vitally important to have good logo from the beginning because redesign of logo will cost you a lot because of need to inform you clients about rebranding, change business stationery and logos on signs, cars, etc.

7 Tips For Effective Logo Designing

Logos are all around us. For the common man, these serve as an instant reminder for company and their products. For companies, these serve as the point of recognition amongst their competitors and for logo designers these are a challenge to incorporate ideology of a business into world class logo designs.

Below are some tips for great logo designs:

1. While finalizing the design, you must make sure that the design looks good in black and white also. Color emphasis and enhances the logo of a company but it should look good without any color also.

2. Not all the logo designs need a ‘mark’. People normally think that a logo is a combination of a logotype and a graphical symbol. But there are many world class logos which are poplar just for the symbol.

3. Most of the designers nowadays, start designing right on the computer but your hands can do much more than your cursor. So, when you sit down to design grabbing a pen and paper in your hand helps a lot in designing a stunning idea for your design.

4. A simpler logo is memorable and timeless. These qualities are a must in a logo which shall make through people’s heart and minds easily and quickly.

5. Before designing a logo, you must discuss with a few people around you. Many people who are non-designers have great ideas but they don’t have the art to implement them. You can also get fresh ideas from them. You must always take comments from other people which shall help you in improving your final design.

6. If no great idea strikes you, then you can start with the company’s name by changing the colours and fonts to give the name a variety.

7. Typography plays an important role in designing a good logo. One has two options to choose from: you can either tailor made your own custom typeface or use the existing one in your design. When you are creating a custom typeface, make sure that you keep the font simple and not too flashy and fashionable as it can go out of date quickly. If the words, you are using are simple then you can use a creative font as people will be able to recognize them but if there are unusual words then you must keep the typeface simple and legible.

Logos play an important role in strengthening the brand of a company. Proper emphasis must be put to create logos which are effective, unique and catchy.

What Inspires You to Go for Logo Designing Services

A quality logo designing team will be able to portray the clear picture of your business without using the cheap methods of clip arts or outsourcing.

Since a logo is an essential part of a company’s image it has become very important to hire a professional to design your logo. A professional will provide you high standard work. Every company wants to maintain a strong portfolio that’s why they will give their best to create your logo as it is going to be included in their portfolio. A professional has tons of experience which an amateur doesn’t have. Through their experience they can do the job more efficiently and can make you a satisfied customer.

Developing a unique identity in your consumers’ mind is vital for business growth. You can know that your company has reached its heights when people will automatically relate your firm with the services you provide.

Two things set Logo Design Professionals apart from others: training and experience. These two things make the huge difference.

Logo Design Professionals are closely familiar with the customer mind. They know what colors to be used on different type of businesses.

Logo designers know how to operate versatile tools and equipments to give you outstanding results which can give your company professionalism, reliability and stability.

The best thing is that those professionals now don’t charge much.

It is very necessary to put every effort into making your company’s logo memorable.

A professional logo designer knows how to attract target market. Depending upon the message the company wants to convey to its target market a designer can attract its demographics by designing the logo according to the message.

A logo created by a professional can make you look different in your industry and will make you memorable. It’s often very easy to remember images than words for a viewer; therefore visually attractive logos are essential for recognition.

However an amateur will weaken your brand. It may design a logo that is identical to another brand. Only professional designers can understand the significance of branding.

Badly designed logos unfavorably affect the credibility of your company.

Since logos play such a main role in your company’s presentation, it’s suggested that you hire a known, experienced and reputable logo designer that can complete all of these requirements. Professionals will make you recognizable and presentable better than the rest by making a quality logo for your business.

The Passion for Work Is the Fuel for a Logo Designer’s Creative Endeavor

It is a known fact that the business owners tend to commission the professionals who are experienced in dealing with the signage projects. It is the passion to weigh the different designing ideas, simplifying art forms after deriving inspiration from real-life, which act as the catalyst in refining the work of a logo specialist. The cornerstone of kissing success in any of the signage projects for a logo designer is to get involved eagerly and fervidly in the whole process. It is the inclination of a professional to make his work to stand out, which helps a brand identity to surpass all in a respective niche and grab the eyeballs of the target mass.

A Passionate Designer cannot be a Detached Personality

A logo specialist, who is a self-confessed workaholic sits, breaths and lives with the designing ideas that surfaces on his mind. It is his level of involvement in a signage project which helps a designer to identify his cup of tea in a greater way. A detached professional does not participate in the design brief with a dedicated approach to pick up the quick facts that can help him to craft a business sign in an eye-catching way. When an individual developing a logo is able to find himself immersed in the thought of adding that finesse to a business sign, he can add that required finesse to a brand identity with ease.

Stirring up the Mind and the Soul to offer the Best Output

Beginning from the sketching and the doodling process, which is the very foundation of the logo designing process, it is the creative juice of the professionals which need to get the required boost. For a designer, understanding the various aspects of the design brief is crucial in order to sate a client. It is the creativity of the professionals, which add that different flavor to a business sign. The handling process of the colors, text, fonts and the like in a logo is done with due care by a professional. A creative mind redefines his thinking power, stretches the line of imagination to come up with a creative output. A business logo need to be armed with the differentiating quality to stand out from the pack in a niche.

The Ability to Step into the Shoes of a Client

It is undoubtedly the way a business merchant visualizes his business, sets the goals and objectives to be attained, which eggs him on to work towards achieving it. The relation between a client and a logo specialist is not only about work and remuneration. When a professional is able to pour in his passion for work by considering his client’s business to be his own, the whole logo designing process gets transformed to a different level. The interaction level gets more smooth and the rounds of alterations get reduced. The inputs of the clients do not seem to be a source of botheration when a professional and a designer share a good rapport. The tolerance level of intervention by a client on the designing process becomes more endurable for a professional. A logo specialist is able to churn out a business logo that will not only click with the target mass, but make the client also a happy one.

The soaring level of competition in the logo designing industry has made the business merchants to be in a fix while choosing a designing agency. If you want to have the best value for money while hiring logo design services,