The Cheater’s Guide to Logo Design Cost-Benefit Analysis

What is an affordable logo design? For most of us affordable is deemed to mean cheap. So many retailers use the term to describe their prices instead of the adjective ‘cheap’. The same way, “logo design cost” is mainly considered on the basis of the cheapest prices rather than affordability in prices. Reason?

One business entrepreneur commented on them ‘they’re all the same” until my logo designer took over and redid his current logo free of charge to prove to him what a brand mark should actually be like. A logo’s cost should not be taken into account when comparing two logo designing channels- one is basing their choice simply on the cheapest logo designer in the market when comparing between two design channels.

This can backfire in all directions as the logo being a work of art that should successfully take objectivity and subjectivity- both into account. Instead of a logo design cost analysis, a logo that will fetch you more for less should be looked into i.e. an affordable logo design!

A good logo can not only fetch great results, often times the designers are keen on to giving advice and tips on how to use it best and are enthusiastic to present a tag line to use with it… Often times, the designer produces more than one logo concept considering your business’ factors from various angles and letting you decide which logo concept your business is the most comfortable with.

Features of an Affordable Logo Design:

  • Quality that shines

Reflection of business’ values in terms of work ethic and level of quality to be expected in products

  • Freebies that benefit

Such as an E-book on branding business on a tiny budget, more than one logo concept, more than one tagline/slogan/USP, unlimited revisions, free fax cover sheet design.

Of course the business owner did not understand its importance until he replaced it with his current logo. Things immediately changed and people looked at his business differently- suppliers began to have a professional approach towards him and made their deliveries on time; customers respected his reasonable prices and relied more on the quality promised; his two employees worked harder after the positive feedback gained from everybody around.

It is realistic to look for cheap prices on anything you invest on for your business. But the point here is that a logo design cost should not be taken into consideration as much as the benefits received for the cost paid up should be taken into account. That is when a logo- your business’ brand mark becomes cost effective and truly an investment with high returns- It becomes an affordable logo.

Bobby Sherman works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on Affordable Logo Design find our competitive rates at Logo Design Consultant.