7 Tips For Effective Logo Designing

Logos are all around us. For the common man, these serve as an instant reminder for company and their products. For companies, these serve as the point of recognition amongst their competitors and for logo designers these are a challenge to incorporate ideology of a business into world class logo designs.

Below are some tips for great logo designs:

1. While finalizing the design, you must make sure that the design looks good in black and white also. Color emphasis and enhances the logo of a company but it should look good without any color also.

2. Not all the logo designs need a ‘mark’. People normally think that a logo is a combination of a logotype and a graphical symbol. But there are many world class logos which are poplar just for the symbol.

3. Most of the designers nowadays, start designing right on the computer but your hands can do much more than your cursor. So, when you sit down to design grabbing a pen and paper in your hand helps a lot in designing a stunning idea for your design.

4. A simpler logo is memorable and timeless. These qualities are a must in a logo which shall make through people’s heart and minds easily and quickly.

5. Before designing a logo, you must discuss with a few people around you. Many people who are non-designers have great ideas but they don’t have the art to implement them. You can also get fresh ideas from them. You must always take comments from other people which shall help you in improving your final design.

6. If no great idea strikes you, then you can start with the company’s name by changing the colours and fonts to give the name a variety.

7. Typography plays an important role in designing a good logo. One has two options to choose from: you can either tailor made your own custom typeface or use the existing one in your design. When you are creating a custom typeface, make sure that you keep the font simple and not too flashy and fashionable as it can go out of date quickly. If the words, you are using are simple then you can use a creative font as people will be able to recognize them but if there are unusual words then you must keep the typeface simple and legible.

Logos play an important role in strengthening the brand of a company. Proper emphasis must be put to create logos which are effective, unique and catchy.